Monday, December 18, 2017

Fuller Meadow Secret Artist vol. 6

Congratulations to our latest Secret Artists from the week of December 11. 
This group lead by example, demonstrating good choices and respect! 

Each secret artist can choose between a picture or a sticker for their good work.

Picture Group: Karthik N. (1KH) ,Trevor G. (2B), 
Lucas B. (1EH), Valerie  L.(KH), Ka yliegh L. (1K)

Sticker Group: Makinley B (KN),  Cameron R. (KO), Tenley C. (KM), Camryn B. (1T), 
Isabella E. (1S), Emma S. (2L), Hannah L. (KL), Parker W. (2K) 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Fuller Meadow Secret Artist Vol. 5

     Announcing Fuller Meadow's Secret Artist's for the week of December 4th!

This week we had a strong crew of demonstrating they were "Art Ready" for the entire class - that's a hard feat during these long weeks of December!

Great Job!

Group 1: Maggie D. (KN), Elina M.(1KH), Catelyn B. (KO), Gabby C. (2B)

Group 2: Landon S. (1EH), AJ P.(1K), Lilla D. (2K)

Not pictured: Jacob S. (KL)

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Painted Paper Sunflower Collage

2nd grade artists recently learned about Vincent van Gogh's sunflower paintings. 
Click here to learn more about them!

First they examined and analyzed his work for the feeling and emotion that the artist was trying to convey.  They used that idea to create their own sunflower works that expressed emotions.  

2nd graders discussed how they could alter the shape and color of the 
flowers, stems, and petals to change the emotion in their work.  
We usually think of sunflowers as happy but these young artists learned they can be so much more! 

Finally, they got to work. They used the papers they created during 
painted paper week (check it out here) to create their own sunflower works of art.  

Finally, 2nd graders learned about haiku poetry and its 5 syllable, 7 syllable, 5 syllable pattern.
Each student wrote a haiku about their work.  

Check out some of their work below - I am so impressed with both their art and poems!

I am happiness
My sunflowers are so proud
I am so happy

By Vivi G. in 2M

I am very sad
My petals are drooping off
I am very lonely

By Ava L. in 2M

It is really sad
The sunflower is droopy
It is crying loud

by Gavin M. in 2M

This flower is sad
it misses it's grandfather
it is all alone

By Nikola P. in 2K

My flower is weird
What a funny sunflower
What a silly guy

By Izzy C. in 2K

What would your sunflower Haiku say?

Monday, December 4, 2017

December Mystery Artist

December Mystery Artist Facts:

I am a Japanese Contemporary Artist.
I work in painting, sculpture, fashion, merchandise, and animation.
I developed the term "superflat" to describe my style which flattens forms in art.
I currently have a show on display at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Fuller Meadow Secret Artist Vol. 4

Announcing Fuller Meadow's Secret Artist's for the week of November 27th!
In addition to showing expected art room behavior, many of this weeks secret artists also went above and beyond to help out other students as well as in the classroom.

Keep it up Secret Artists!

Group 1: Mohamed B.(1KH), Andrew C. (2B), Taylor J. (KO), Stella S.(1EH), Tyler A. (1T), 

Group 2: Kane M. (KH), Joe I. (1S), Andrew P. (2L), Massimo R. (KL), Ricky M. (2K)

Not Pictured: Casey D. (KN), Ashley S. (KM), Maxton B. (2M), Dominic S. (1K)

Thursday, November 30, 2017

1st Grade Painted Paper Collage Landscapes

After the painted paper week - check out our link here -1st grade artist got busy collaging.  
They used their knowledge of shapes to create painted paper landscapes.  

They first learned that every landscape has a foreground, middleground, and background. 

After creating the background and middleground, students selected 
2 different shapes to create trees in the foreground. 
They chose between circles, squares, and ovals.

Finally, they returned to printmaking to add tree trunks, branches, and patterns.  

How do you think they turned out?


Check out the inspiration behind this lesson - Cassie Stephens' Painted Paper Landscapes.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Fuller Meadow Secret Artist Vol. 3

Announcing Fuller Meadow's Secret Artist's for the week of November 20th!
Even though it was a short one, K, 1, and 2 artists were not lacking in their
focus, kindness, concentration, and effort!

Nice Job Secret Artists!

From the left: DaShawn S. (2B), Riley V. (KO), and Gianna (1EH)

Not Pictured: Evan G. (KN) and Ella M. (1KH)

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Longest Paper Line Challenge

Challenge Accepted!

The day before Thanksgiving is one where I usually plan something fun and different for the students who are in class. That’s just what we did today! 

Mrs Deeley’s 4th grade Artovators took on the longest paper line challenge with determination! 
Their task was to create as long a line as they could using only 1 sheet of paper and scissors. 
The line had to be connected/attached. 

Ok Go!

Students cut, folded, cut, crimped, cut, tied, and cut some more. 

They laid out all of their “lines” and measured each one ranging from 245 in to 468 in.

Finally, the Artovators decided they wanted to see how long the line would be if they connected them all...

The Total: 2,453 inches!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Geometric String Art Installation

I am so excited to share the amazing project my 4th Grade Howe Manning Artovators
have been creating.  This post is a long one, but it's worth it!

I first learned of this project a few years ago when I stumbled across an outdoor string art design 
by A Zen Librarian, Todd Burleson. I knew I had to do something similar!

4th grade Artovators started learning about geometric string art earlier in the year and created their own individual string art pieces.  Check out this link to learn more about what they did.

As they wrapped up their individual string art, I started talking to the students about installations. 
We watched a mini documentary to learn about installation artist Megan Mosholder's process.

Then the big reveal...
I told them that we were going to create our own installation on the grounds of Howe Manning!

I wanted them to have as much ownership in the process as possible.
First, each Artovator answered a 3 question survey to vote for their favorite grid and design.

Finally it was time to create our design, a circle grid with a spectrum design in 4 colors. 
The whole process would need to be spread out over 6 classes.

The first 2 classes (Weeks and Brown) were responsible for laying out the circle grid.  
This required us to find the center of the work site and build a circle around it with a 24 ft. circumference.  We created a makeshift compass from that center point and 
used it to measure steaks every 2 feet all the way around.

Following the grid set up, each of the remaining 4 classes added a new color to create a spectrum design from 4 different directions.

Mrs. Church's Class:

Mrs. Deeley's Class:

After the first 2 colors, it got much trickier - We needed major teamwork to get the job done!

Mrs. Jones' Class:

and finally, Mr. Husson's Class:

The entire 4th grade was so excited to show the school their project. 
We even tried to raise excitement and find ways for the rest of the school to get involved!

We couldn't have done it without all of the wonderful parent volunteers and teachers who helped out.  I especially want to thank our Technology Curriculum Coordinator, Dierdre Baker,
 who worked with us everyday to document the entire process.  

Check out the video she put together to see the 4th grade Artovators in action!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Painted Paper Week

1st and 2nd graders embarked on a week of painted paper creation in the Fuller Meadow Art Room. Each table was assigned a color paper and specific paints.  They then used a variety of objects, such as sponges, corks, forks, straws, and more to created beautiful painted papers.  
FM artists made paper after paper, some even made 6 or more! Each one was unique. 

Take a look at our paper factory at work!

Hmmmm, now what are we going to do with all of these papers?!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Fuller Meadow's Secret Artist Vol. 2

Announcing Fuller Meadow's Secret Artist's for the week of November 13th!
This week artist's stood out for their hard work and effort, their politeness, 
their helpful attitude, and expert direction following. 

Group 1: Izzy C. (2M), Piera N (1K), Lavinia L. (1T), 
Lucianna D. (KL), Joey D. (2K), Matthew K. (KH)

Group 2: Garrett N. (2B), Liam M. (1KH), Vanessa F. (1EH), 
Faith M. (KN), Massimo P. (KO), Michael M. (KM)

Unpictured: Ellie J. (1S), Lily L. (2L)

Way to go!!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Introducing Fuller Meadow’s Secret Artist!

Something new is happening at Fuller Meadow!

During each class I am going to be looking for a “Secret Artist”. 
A Secret Artist is NOT about having the best art skills.
A Secret Artist is respectful, engaged, focused, and puts effort into their work. 
They demonstrate that they are “art ready” for the whole class. 

At the end of each class one Secret Artist will be selected and they will 
get to take their picture in my new Mona Lisa frame. 

I’ll be posting each week’s secret artists on my blog! 

Check out this past week’s first two Secret Artists! 

Way to go, Cameron (1S) and Jillian (KH). Keep up the great work!

Monday, November 6, 2017

November Mystery Artist!

We had so much excitement over October's Mystery Artist: Tim Burton.  
November's artist is a little trickier.  It's going to take some research! 

November Mystery Artist Facts:

I was a Southern African American artist who lived from 1940-2015
My work included drawings, paintings, sculpture, prints, and photos.
My work displayed themes in Southern Architecture, 
specifically dwellings for the poor such as "Shacks".
I used tools common to self-taught artists, such as found objects and texts. 


Submit your guess in the envelope at school or in the comments section below! 
* Include your first name, last initial, and class code ONLY for online guesses (ex. George S., 5Ha)

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

3rd Grade Leaf Prints = Crowd Pleaser!

Leaf Prints

3rd grade artists have been exploring one of my favorite mediums, printmaking!

We started out by making connections to learn more about what printmaking is,
such as a foot print or a hand print, or a stamp. 
Printmaking is anything where you transfer an image from one surface (the printing plate) to another.

These prints are so easy and the students loved them.
They simply painted on the surface of leaf with water colors. 
The trick is to get the right balance of water to color. 
Then students transferred the print by placing paper over the painted leaf and rubbing.

Everyone had success!

You can see 3rd grader, Emma D. demonstrate the process here.

Students' prepared their leaves for a group display and also created a finished composition.
The colors are so beautiful!

Stop by and see our group display in the Howe Manning Lobby!

What other things could you use to print?

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Monster Mania!

Kindergarten artists have been finding their inner monster in art class!

First they explored all different types of lines.  They used this wonderful video from Scratch Garden to get them thinking about what a simple line can become.
Next they used oil pastel and watercolor in a resist technique to create colorful line art.

The next week in class they were so excited to learn that 
we were going to turn their line art into MONSTERS!!!! 
They read a few great books for monster inspiration and to advise on the hazards of glue! 
Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberly and Too Much Glue by Jason Lefebvre

Finally, students tore and cut scraps of paper to finish their monsters with faces and accessories. 
We discussed how monsters could have many of the same features that people do, 
such as eye brows, eye lashes, nostrils! 

The finished products are great. I love the individuality of each monster!

The monsters below are from Mrs. Libby's kindergarten class.

 They took them and used them as inspiration for a writing prompt!
Students were prompted to use learned sight words (or popcorn words),
such as look, like, my, for, see, and the to describe their monsters.
They did a great job!

Next time you're at Fuller Meadow check them out in person!