Friday, December 1, 2017

Fuller Meadow Secret Artist Vol. 4

Announcing Fuller Meadow's Secret Artist's for the week of November 27th!
In addition to showing expected art room behavior, many of this weeks secret artists also went above and beyond to help out other students as well as in the classroom.

Keep it up Secret Artists!

Group 1: Mohamed B.(1KH), Andrew C. (2B), Taylor J. (KO), Stella S.(1EH), Tyler A. (1T), 

Group 2: Kane M. (KH), Joe I. (1S), Andrew P. (2L), Massimo R. (KL), Ricky M. (2K)

Not Pictured: Casey D. (KN), Ashley S. (KM), Maxton B. (2M), Dominic S. (1K)

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