Friday, November 17, 2017

Fuller Meadow's Secret Artist Vol. 2

Announcing Fuller Meadow's Secret Artist's for the week of November 13th!
This week artist's stood out for their hard work and effort, their politeness, 
their helpful attitude, and expert direction following. 

Group 1: Izzy C. (2M), Piera N (1K), Lavinia L. (1T), 
Lucianna D. (KL), Joey D. (2K), Matthew K. (KH)

Group 2: Garrett N. (2B), Liam M. (1KH), Vanessa F. (1EH), 
Faith M. (KN), Massimo P. (KO), Michael M. (KM)

Unpictured: Ellie J. (1S), Lily L. (2L)

Way to go!!

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