Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Painted Paper Sunflower Collage

2nd grade artists recently learned about Vincent van Gogh's sunflower paintings. 
Click here to learn more about them!

First they examined and analyzed his work for the feeling and emotion that the artist was trying to convey.  They used that idea to create their own sunflower works that expressed emotions.  

2nd graders discussed how they could alter the shape and color of the 
flowers, stems, and petals to change the emotion in their work.  
We usually think of sunflowers as happy but these young artists learned they can be so much more! 

Finally, they got to work. They used the papers they created during 
painted paper week (check it out here) to create their own sunflower works of art.  

Finally, 2nd graders learned about haiku poetry and its 5 syllable, 7 syllable, 5 syllable pattern.
Each student wrote a haiku about their work.  

Check out some of their work below - I am so impressed with both their art and poems!

I am happiness
My sunflowers are so proud
I am so happy

By Vivi G. in 2M

I am very sad
My petals are drooping off
I am very lonely

By Ava L. in 2M

It is really sad
The sunflower is droopy
It is crying loud

by Gavin M. in 2M

This flower is sad
it misses it's grandfather
it is all alone

By Nikola P. in 2K

My flower is weird
What a funny sunflower
What a silly guy

By Izzy C. in 2K

What would your sunflower Haiku say?

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