Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Longest Paper Line Challenge

Challenge Accepted!

The day before Thanksgiving is one where I usually plan something fun and different for the students who are in class. That’s just what we did today! 

Mrs Deeley’s 4th grade Artovators took on the longest paper line challenge with determination! 
Their task was to create as long a line as they could using only 1 sheet of paper and scissors. 
The line had to be connected/attached. 

Ok Go!

Students cut, folded, cut, crimped, cut, tied, and cut some more. 

They laid out all of their “lines” and measured each one ranging from 245 in to 468 in.

Finally, the Artovators decided they wanted to see how long the line would be if they connected them all...

The Total: 2,453 inches!

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