Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Let's Check in On What We're Learning!

How Do We Assess Learning in the Art Room?

In September I measured how well our Howe Manning fifth graders understood basic color theory principals. It was great to see that so many students (84%) knew the most basic: primary and secondary colors.  The assessment showed that we still need to work on those trickier ones: analogous and monochromatic colors. 

Throughout this year we practiced color theory in lessons, extension activities, and by using exit tickets.  I often ask students to line up by complementary table colors or analogous table colors.  

I checked in on what we learned in January and February and was excited to see that we've made progress! You can compare the pre and mid year results below. 

It looks like we made gains in each category
I'd love to see if we can really drive these definitions in for the end of the year!

PreK–12 STANDARD 2.7 : Elements and Principles of Design Students will demonstrate knowledge of the elements and principles of design. For color, use and be able to identify hues, values, intermediate shades, tints, tones, complementary, analogous, and monochromatic colors Demonstrate awareness of color by painting objective studies from life and free form abstractions that employ relative properties of color

Monday, April 11, 2016

April Mystery Artist

It's time for the April Mystery Artist!

I lived from 1928 - 1987

I was a leading artist in the 1960’s Pop Art Movement

I worked in a wide range of art forms including printmaking, filmmaking, writing and performance art.

Artistic expression, celebrity culture, and advertisement were themes in my artwork.

Submit your guess by the end of April!