Sunday, September 16, 2018

Ringing in the New School Year with International Dot Day!

I wanted to officially welcome everyone back to the new school year!  

Since Dot Day always falls in the beginning of the school year it is a great way to start things off. Dot Day is a global celebration of Peter Reynolds, The Dot. Learn more about Dot Day here!
Celebrating Dot Day as a community sets the stage for the importance of
creativity and courage early on in the school year.  

Both Fuller Meadow and Howe Manning artists jumped right in on day one with Dot Day projects.  More posts to come about what they've been working on, but here are a few highlights
of some of their finished and in progress work.

1st Grade

2nd Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade

Of course no Dot Day celebration is complete with out dots, and tons of them! 

I am a huge fan of all those kids that go out of their way to make home made dot outfits!  
This year I joined them, but theirs are definitely better!

These two kinders totally got into the spirit!

It was so wonderful to see our whole Middleton community coming together 
to create and celebrate International Dot Day.  

Classes incorporated art, math, ELA, and STEAM. 
 Brave kindergarten teachers broke out watercolors with their students in their second week of school.  There is not better day to try something scary and new then on Dot Day!

Dot Day 2018 is a strong indication that is going to be an Art-rageous school year.


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Use an Art Room Mantra to Start the School Year With a Bang!

I know, it's only July.... but, I am already thinking about the upcoming school year.
Actually, I have been thinking of new things I'd like to do since school ended! 

I've already picked up a stash of goodies at Target, because who can resist their dollar bins!

As the new school year approaches, the first thing I like to do is make sure I'm all set for the first week.  I always make a plan, not only of what projects we will do to get our feet wet, 
but also what information to give out and go over. 

A few years ago I heard an art teacher talk about using a mantra as a tool to guide not only the school year and student behavior and expectations, but also to serve as inspiration for artistic choice and decisions.  I loved this idea and I have been using one each year ever since. 

My first mantra was inspired and created by the original art teacher - 
"Do Your Job".  
I loved how it could be used to check in with students.  
Are you doing your job?  How are you doing your job today?  
Since then I've tried to get a little "punny" with my mantras. 

Take a look at one of of my past punny mantras:

Click Here for 2017-2018 Art Room Mantra

 I will be using this year's mantra to inspire and guide students at both
Howe Manning and Fuller Meadow.

Be ARTrageous!

In fact my collegue, Kelli Smullin, has already begun to prepare students by creating this fabulous board at the end of this past school year.

I hope that this mantra will inspire students to take risks in art this year.
Try something new, work bigger, go abstract, work with someone you don't typically work with.
These simple words may just challenge young artists to take a chance and be ARTrageous!

Do you use a mantra in your class?
I'd love to hear about it!

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