Sunday, June 3, 2018

Fuller Meadow Secret Artist vol.

The last 2 months got away from me and I fell way behind with posting the secret artists for April and May.  That doesn't mean we had any shortage though! In fact, we had students focusing even more than ever to ensure they were the week's secret artist.  Take a peek at these eager young artists:

April's Secret Artists: Week of April 23 - April 2
Picture Group: Mia V. (1EH), Ayla J.(1S), Haik C.(7K)
Sticker Group: Julia B. (KO), Haddie D. (KM)

May's Secret Artists: Week of April 30 - May 5

Picture Group: Zach M. (1T), Marco I.(2M), Kip C. (2L), Ryan M. (2L), Alex C. (2L),
Noelle P. (1K), Nikola P. (2K)
Sticker Group: Mira M (KM)

May's Mystery Artists: Week of 5/7-5/11
Picture Group: Christianna P. (1KH), Ava L. (1T), Gianna Z. (1K), Olivia B. (2K)

May's Mystery Artists: Week of 5/14-5/18
Picture Group: Jack L. (2B), Robbie W. (1KH), Anthony C. (2K)
Sticker Group: Mia C. (KN)

May's Secret Artists: Weeks of  5/21 to 6/1
Picture Group: Colin T. (2B), Nick Y. (2M), Abby M. (2K), Kaylee A. (2B)
Sticker Group: Ryan D. (1K), Logan C. (2M), Isabella R. (2L), Sophia  E. (2L)


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