Wednesday, May 30, 2018

First Annual Middleton STEAM Carnival!

Early this year I found myself engaged in a conversation with one of the most creative teachers I know, Barbara Deeley (4th grade teacher). We had just learned about STEAM Carnivals taking place in schools around the country and asked eachother, "would it be crazy to try to do this ourselves?"

Well, we do look a little crazy!

6 months later we had recruited a group a teachers who were 
crazy enough to take a chance and join us.

And like that, the first ever Middleton STEAM Carnival was born!

We started out by researching fun but achievable STEAM challenges.  We found so many it was hard to limit ourselves.  With the help of our fellow teachers, we selected a group of activities that teams of teachers were excited about taking on.

Check out our line up!

The week of the Carnival arrived and we worked tirelessly to tie up all the loose ends.  Supplies were gathered and organized, student volunteers were recruited, sample projects made,  
and festive decorations drawn and created by eager student artists.

As the night approached, I was excited but also worried.  What if no one came?  I convinced myself that however small the turn out was it would be ok.  After all, it was our first time.  
If fifty people showed up that would be good.

I was not prepared for the turn out we had.  Throughout the night family after family came into the gymnasium.  Each booth had a stream of participants visit and work through the challenges.  
It was so much fun and there was such energy in the room.

I loved seeing families learn from each different station and share in our excitement.
In the end we had close to 300 visitors!  I think we can safely call this a success.

The special WHMN News segment on the STEAM Carnival
gives you a peek on what the night was all about!

Hope to see you next year - we look forward to this being an annual event!

Did you attend this year's STEAM Carnival?  
What was your favorite booth?

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  1. Sorry we missed it. Looks amazing! Thank you for going the extra 10 miles to pull something like this together! We are a lucky community to have teachers willing to go above and beyond for our kiddos! It is much appreciated.