Monday, January 8, 2018

Fuller Meadow Secret Artist Vol. 7 & 8

It's time to celebrate 2 weeks of Mystery Artists!  

These students rose to high expectations during the weeks of Dec. 18th and Jan. 1st.

Congrats Secret Artists!

Picture Group:  (week of Dec. 18th) Lilyann (KO), Brielle (1EH), Jasper P. (KM),
Addison T. (1T), Angelica K. (2M), Bryan S. (KH), Cameron D. (1S),
(week of Jan 1st) Conrad S.(1EH), Gavin M. (2M)

Not Pictured:  (week of Dec. 18th) Nathan K (2L), John H. (KL),
(week of Jan 1st) Gaetano S. (KO), Liliya L. (KM)

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