Sunday, January 21, 2018

Fuller Meadow Secret Artist vol. 10

We wrapped up another great week of secret artists from the week of Jan. 15th.  
Each week, students' who earn secret artist can choose from a picture or sticker.

This week's secret artists stood out to me for maintaining their 
"art ready" behavior right up until the end of class!  

Way to model great choices secret artists!

Picture Group: Farrah P. (1K), Kellan S. (KO), Claire B. (1EH), Lily K. (1T), Cameron F. (2K)

Sticker Group: Dylan W. (KM), Aiden A. (2M), Anderson L. (KH), 
Ben L. (1S), Mia S. (2L) Zachary C. (KL)

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