Monday, January 7, 2019

1st Grade Wintery Landscapes

1st Grade Artists dove into collage with these whimsical Wintery Landscapes.
We spent 1 class using printmaking techniques to create many different textured
and patterned papers.  Each student made a background paper for their artwork
and many other colored papers that we shared as a class.  

Students loved using everyday objects as printmaking objects.
Learn more about our painted paper week here.
We were then ready to put these papers to work. 
This project is inspired by Cassie Stephens 1st grade landscapes. 
Check out her lesson here.

Students had many choices built into this lesson to decide just how "wintery"
they wanted their landscapes to be.  They created a ground by cutting and gluing a
wavy strip of paper; white or green.
They were then ready to start cutting their tree tops.  1st graders had a choice of using circles. ovals, or triangles to create their trees.  These shapes were cut from the many painted papers we created as a class.  Firsties cut many different sized shapes of their choice and arranged them on their background learning about overlapping to create a strong composition. 
Finally, we added tree details using printmaking techniques again to 
add line and dot patterns inside the trees, and of course a little snow!

What do you think of our finished products?

They almost make me ready for a little snow!

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