Monday, December 31, 2018

Kinders Celebrate Fall in the Art Room.

It's December 31st!

 No better time than today to recap what my Kindergarten Artists have been up to this past fall.  
They have been tackling one task after another to build fine motor skills and creative thinking.

I love to start out the year exploring line. 

We started out with one of my favorite line videos from Scratch Garden 
and then brainstormed all sorts of lines.

These lines became an integral piece to our first fall project: Smoosh Pumpkins

Kinders learned they can create a mirror image print by placing paper on top of another 
and pressing them together. 

They loved watching their paint transfer from one paper to the next as then rubbed them together.

Check out this busy Kinder Artist at work!

After making our prints, we used line designs to create pattern and design in the fall pumpkins prints.  The best part is that they made 2 pumpkins so they were able
leave their best at school and take one home! 

Following the pumpkins we moved into fall tissue paper collage leaves.
Students spent 1 class preparing their fall collages. 
We explored colors of fall by reading the "fall" section of Red Sings from Treetops.

If you don't know this book, it is worth checking out!
It's filled with descriptive color poems for each season.  I use it with multiple grade levels!

This tissue paper collage is a favorite because every student's work looks great no matter their skill.  
The bright colors are eye catching and of course we continued to explore line!

Our falls leavers were a great tie into fall tree sculptures.  
We did this in 2 ways: Tinker Lab exploration and paper bag sculptures.

I used the idea of fall trees as a way to introduce Kinders to the Tinker Lab.  
After going over the rules of the lab they were presented with a challenge:  
create a fall tree that could hold a small bird figurine.

I loved seeing how these guys tackled this challenge and persevered through the different materials!

Finally, we used their success with the Tinker Lab Challenge as inspiration for their Paper Bag Sculptures.  This lesson has been around for a long time and for good reason. It is perfect for little hands to practice important fine motor skills; cutting, twisting, and pinching.  

I love starting this lesson out on the floor as group!

After we get all our tree bases sculpted, Kinders head back to their tables to finish their 3D works.

It was a VERY busy Fall!

What are your favorite fall art lessons?!

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