Thursday, April 19, 2018

Let it Glow: A Week of STEAM Exploration!

This past week at Fuller Meadow student's embarked on a week of glow in the dark STEAM art.
It was an incredible week and our young artists were engaged and enthralled!

Each grade level had a specially designed art lesson featuring glow in the dark paint
and a special science connection.

Kindergarten: Magnetic Attraction

Young kinder artists experimented with magnets and explored how they can both repel and attract.  After trying out a set of magnets they got to work using magnetic attraction to create marble paintings.  Kinders loved using their magnetic marbles to create works of art
and loved watching their art glow!

1st Grade: Bioluminescent Sea Life

1st grade artists kicked off their art in the dark by learning about bioluminescense
and how scientists are creating the ability to glow in things like plants and trees. 
Check out the video we watched to learn all about this incredible science.

Following this Ted Ed talk, students got to work on their own glowing bioluminescent sea creatures.
This lesson was inspired by artist Michelle Guieu. She has created some incredible work!
  First graders used images from iPads to observe and capture their creatures in pencil.

1st graders then used fluorescent stickers to bring their sea creatures to life!

2nd Grade: Centrifugal Force

2nd graders explored this concept through the magic of spin art - and the LOVED it!
They explored how centrifugal force works by examining amusement park rides, cooking techniques, and a spin on an experiment I saw on Mr. Wizard's World.

We then used these examples to make predictions on what would happen if 
we put paint in the center of a salad spinner..... 
2nd grade artists learned that the paint will be forced away from the center of the spinner.  
Put that together with glow in the dark paint and you get an amazing splatter of art!

These Fuller Meadow Artists' had so much fun this week. 
It will definitely be an annual event!

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  1. Love Love Love! Thank you for the extra efforts to create such an enriching experience for our kiddos! And for posting about it- totally doing this! :)