Friday, March 23, 2018

Surrealist Openings

Third grade artists learned about perspective and surrealism in art!

We started out by exploring the definition and different examples of an opening, 
i.e. a door, a window, a vent.

3rd graders then learned how to draw using principles of perspective to show depth in their work.  
for example, steps get smaller as they go back.
They created walls, doors, a room, or steps that showed dimension.  

Then Surrealism was introduced...
3rd grade artists learned about how Surrealist art was based on dreams and nonsensical ideas.

We also looked at the book Journey by Aaron Becker for inspiration.

Openings were created in buildings, mailboxes, trees, basements, rooms.  
They were challenged to create another piece of art behind their opening 
that was inspired by Surrealist ideas.  
Perhaps the space was a different subject matter, color, or material?

They had such creative ideas.
Take a look at their closed and opened images!

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