Tuesday, October 17, 2017

4th Grade Artovation Challenge: Geometry Meets String Art

4th Grade “Artovators” have been busy exploring the beauty of
geometric shapes for their next Artovation challenge.

Artovators started out imagining all the possible designs they could make with shapes.  
They explored regular and irregular shapes as well as the parabolic curve. 
They loved creating their nail beds and were so excited to use actual nails for this project. 

Finally 4th graders got to stringing! 
Check out some of the beautiful designs they created using simple geometic shapes.

The next two designs were created by 4th graders in Mrs. Deeley's class.  
Each design used 4 parabolic curves which students coined the "fourabolic" curve!
Love their humor!

This week I had a big surprise for them....
We are going to create a huge string art installation on the grounds of the school. 
 Each 4th grade class is going to contribute to finished product. 
 We took a google form survey so they could give their input on which design and grid to create.

 Stay tuned over the next few weeks as this project takes form!

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