Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Printmaking in the Art Studio

How Does Printmaking Allow for Bringing Art to the Masses?

Howe Manning fifth graders are learning about printmaking and 
how they use a printmaking plate to create multiple pieces of identical artwork.

We watched videos that demonstrated 2 different styles of printmaking plates: 
collographs and relief plates

Printmaking is fun, but it is a lengthy process. The tutorial below illustrates all the steps necessary to create a successful print.  We used the tutorial below to remind us of the printing process.
 We've just started doing practice prints called proofs.
Ask your 5th grade artist how many times it took to get the hang of it!

5th graders were tasked to say something meaningful about themselves through an object.  They really thought carefully about what they wanted to say and how to represent that with an image.

For their final copy, 5th graders where challenged to explore printing their images with different color ink, showing repetition, printing on colored backgrounds, and on interesting unique backgrounds.  They learned how all of these images are a part of their print edition. 

What do you think of their ideas? What do they say to you?

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