Friday, January 29, 2016

Art Teachers Make Art Too!

This past Monday we gathered together as a Tri-Town for a professional development day.  I'm sure that many people have questions about what happens on such a day.

Well, what doesn't happen!

We discussed assessment measures and shared techniques for measurable goals.  We reviewed our report card standards to ensure that there is consistency across the towns.  We discussed the latest trends in art education.

And....We made art!!

Take a look at the Tri-Town art teachers exploring and creating. 

Middleton's Mrs. Smullin exploring her own version of a tunnel book. 
 It has been so wonderful to have such an experienced teacher filling in for Mrs. Winchell

Boxford's Ms. Dalton testing and trying out watercolor techniques and brushes.

Topsfield's Mrs. Lang working in mixed media.

And here's what I did...
I learned a new printmaking technique from Mrs. Lang. Its a monoprint process (makes just 1 image) that allows you to use pencil and pressure to transfer your image or drawing to your paper.

This is my finished piece - I love working with maps in my art!

I loved this technique and I can't wait to bring it to my classes at Howe Manning.

What a great day!

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  1. Cathie, thanks for posting! A picture truly is worth a thousand words!😀🎨🎨