Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November Mystery Artist

We just announced October's Mystery Artist: Faith Ringgold.  We had many correct guesses.  I'd love to see more for November.  I'm hoping that this month's artist will trigger many happy memories! Take a chance! Make a guess!

November Mystery Artist Facts:

I am a picture book author and illustrator, and have won many awards.

I use collage techniques with hand painted papers.

My book themes demonstrate my love and knowledge of nature.

I was a long time resident of Massachusetts and I even have a museum named after me.


  1. I think the November mystery author/illustrator is Eric Carle. This illustration you featured really helped me. I love his books although I've never been to the museum named after him.

  2. Hi Miss Klipfel,

    If you were submitting a guess at Howe Manning you'd be correct. The Museum is in Amherst, MA and is worth a visit. The students got really into it this month. We had 57 correct guesses!