Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Centers are Open in the Art Room!

5th grade artists are diving into their first choice-based art lesson.  This is proving to truly be an important process for my students. These artists are gaining essential planning, goal setting, and project management skills. They are guiding their own learning.  Click on this link to see a wonderful article on the benefits or student centered learning in the art room.

If you visit the Howe Manning Art Studio you will see our first open centers; drawing, painting, and collage.  Student artists are challenged to explore all the possibilities each center has to offer.  I have been enjoying seeing all the creative ideas that students are developing.  

I can't wait to see their finished projects!


  1. This so so much fun! Glad we are doing this together! The students are so inspired to put more personal choice into their artistic creations. It is really promoting critical thinking skills, problem-solving and originality in the art rooms! :)

  2. I was up in the art room at Howe Manning yesterday and noticed these signs hanging up. I love how this gives students a structured visual reminder of what to keep in mind while at the same time allowing them the freedom to choose what materials they'd like to use. Nice balance!

  3. Ms. Nasser, I love the paintings of the pumpkins. That looks really tricky to do!